About us

Trader's United is a business association which was set up to help small, medium, independent businesses reduce their costs and increase profit margins. We understand, running a small/medium business means, you have no purchasing power, unable to negotiate cheaper prices and getting access to specialist resources can be difficult and expensive. Our philosophy is simple but effective. We use the collective strength of our vast network of business members to negotiate the best possible deal for our businesses. This has enabled us to deliver huge cost savings and turn failing businesses into profitable enterprises

How we operate?

Any business, no matter what sector you cover, can join Trader's United, you simply fill in an online registration form. There are no contractual terms so you can leave anytime

Once your Registration form has been verified and proved, our available consultant will contact you.

We conduct a Product Review of your current operation to streamline your outgoings.

Our specialist procurement personnel will produce a report showing all cost-reduction your company has the potential to achieve. As well as personalised benefits to your company.